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About Us

Building Doctor is established as a building repair specialists who are expert and professional in solving various kind of building defect such as building structure crack, ground settlement, water leakage in wall or roof, etc. We aim to deliver ultimate professional repairing services and provide peace of mind to all building owners and building management. Ultimately, Building Doctor will be the most preferred building repair specialist in Malaysia.

Our Mission

We are committed to deliver ultimate professional repairing services to our stakeholders.

Our Vision

To be the most preferred building repair specialist in Malaysia.

Our Services

Water Leaking Repair

We provide Water Leaking Repair by either Polyurethane (PU) Injection or by Waterproofing Membrane.

Floor & Wall Crack Repair

We repair flooring and walls by either Epoxy Injection or Patching which are one of the most economical and effective ways to solve the problem.

Structural & Concrete Repair

We offer Carbon Fibre and Steel Plate Strengthening which are practical methods to strengthen the existing structure of a building.

Ground Improvement

Ground Settlement

We provide ground improvement services by Micro Piling with high capacity drills or Jet Grouting which is a soil stabilization method.

Building Investigation & Technical Consulting

5 (ii) Technical Report_1

Building Doctor can provide technical report or structural assesment report with Professional Engineer (PE) endorsement.

Scanning & Testing Services

6. Scanning Equipment_3

Building Doctor can perform a series of Scanning & Testing services by the means numerous tests such as Ferro Scanning, 3D Scanning, GPR & UPV

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