Floor & Wall Crack Repair

We repair flooring and walls by either Epoxy Injection or Patching which are one of the most economical and effective ways to solve the problem.

i. Epoxy Injection

Epoxy injection is one of the effective and economical ways to repair non-moving cracks in concrete walls, slabs, columns, and piers. It is can be used for the cracks as narrow as 0.002 inch and able to restore the structural integrity while providing resistance to moisture penetration.

The epoxy injection repairing process starts with cleaning the concrete surface surrounding the crack and blow up the crack with compressed air. The purpose is to clean the debris and liquid along the crack line. Then, we will apply the capping paste to seal the exposed surface of the crack while leaving space around 8-10 inches apart for the ports. The next step is to establishing entry and venting ports along the cracks, and injecting the epoxy under maximum pressure, to force the epoxy into the smaller areas of the crack. The ports will be removed after the epoxy has cured. The grinding process may be conducted to smoothen the surface and remove any visual appearance of cracks.

ii. Patching Repair Services

Wall patching is a relatively easy process and applies to those small relatively cracks hole. It starts with scrap away the debris around and applies spackle on the crack hole. Then use the sandpaper to smoothen the surface. As the process is easy, you can either do it yourself (DIY) or engage us to do it for you nicely.