Ground Improvement

We provide ground improvement services by Micro Piling with high capacity drills or Jet Grouting which is a soil stabilization method.

i. Micro Piling

Micro pilling is one of the common techniques to handle the foundation problem. It is high capacity drilled to hundreds of feet in depth with small diameter cast-in-situ piles range from 150mm to 300mm. It produces minimum disturbance and vibration to existing building structures, thus suitable to apply at many types of ground conditions and restricted areas. Besides, the size of micro piling machine is smaller size and more economical compared to conventional bore piling machine.

ii. Jet Grouting

Jet grouting is a soil stabilization method for ground improvement. It involved drilling process and high pressure injection of stabilizing fluid into the soil. The grouted fluid will undergo hardening process which forms like cemented columns which commonly named “Jet Grouted Column” in the ground. The jet grouted columns increase strength of the ground foundation and reduced permeability, thus stabilize the soil.