Structural & Concrete Repair

We offer Carbon Fibre and Steel Plate Strengthening which are practical methods to strengthen the existing structure of a building.

i. Carbon Fibre Strengthening

Carbon fiber strengthening is one of the practical methods nowadays to strengthen the existing structure of a building. Due to carbon fiber has high tensile strength and its lightweight characteristic, thus it can be applied as externally bonded reinforcement to increase the structural performance of the concrete beam, column, or slab, while without adding additional significant weight on the structures and foundations. In short, carbon fiber strengthening is a clean, time, and cost-effective solution to a common structural problem.

ii. Steel Plate Strenghtening

Steel plate strengthening is another alternative method for structural strengthening. Steel plates that bonded to the concrete components able to provide significant improvement in load bearing capacity and stiffness while reducing deflections. It is common due to the process is easy, speedy, and economical. Comparable to carbon fire strengthening, the cost of steel plate may be cheaper than carbon fiber, however it’s heavier to achieve the same result in structural performance.